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When to use (or not use) antibiotics on your skin

Cold weather can be hard on your skin. When your skin becomes dry, as often happens in the winter, it can easily crack and bleed. When caring for a cut or other wound, it might seem logical to apply an antibiotic cream or ointment from the store to fight off germs and prevent infection. However, these antibiotic creams and ointments can irritate your skin even more and cause a painful and/or itchy rash, called contact dermatitis.

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“In addition to causing irritation and a rash, the widespread use of antibiotics — including in instances when they aren’t needed — has contributed to a major public health challenge known as antibiotic resistance,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marcelyn Coley, MD, FAAD. “Antibiotic resistance occurs when germs, such as bacteria, develop the ability to survive the drugs designed to kill them. That means the germs continue to grow. This makes infections caused by antibiotic-resistant germs difficult — and sometimes impossible — to treat.”

Most minor cuts and wounds and even surgical wounds do not require antibiotics. The only time antibiotics are typically needed is in the case of an infection. Signs that a wound may be infected include pus; yellow or golden crusts; pain; red, purple or brown skin; swelling or warmth; red (in light skin) or brownish red (in dark skin) streaks; feeling very hot or cold; or having a fever.

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Don’t Scrub Your Skin Dry Showering After Exercise

I am a guy and am pretty ignorant about things like moisturizers and fancy stuff like that. I shower, wash, shave, etc. Nothing fancy. However, I did buy myself a personal scrubber a while back and very much enjoyed the foaming lather all over my body while showering.


If you are old enough you may remember an old soap commercial with the tagline “You’ve got that Dial feeling” showing someone with soap bubbles all over. That is how I felt using my new soap scrubber.

Inside of a month, however, I began suffering from painfully itchy skin. It would start on my back but my shoulders and underarms also would be screaming to be scratched. This occurred in the winter time. I asked my doctor about it and she said that I was probably suffering from the dryness inside because of artificial heat in the cold weather. She recommended rubbing in oil to lubricate my skin.

I got some relief, but the itching didn’t go away. I happened upon a good explanation on the web, however. It said to be careful not to scrub yourself too clean because in the process you could scrub off essential oils and leave yourself with painfully dry itchy skin.

I stopped using my scrubber and began using Emu Oil Soap, too. The itching went away and hasn’t come back. The soap came in the form of bars that I bought online from Amazon. I wrote up emu oil for the blog earlier. It has wonderful restorative properties.

I can’t stress enough the benefits of exercise for weight control as well as keeping the brain healthy. After exercise a shower is usually in order. Be careful not to get carried away scrubbing yourself clean. The itching that followed my scrubbing was most unpleasant. Check out What About Emu Oil? and How Emu Oil and Coconut Oil Hid a Facial Scar, to learn more about Emu Oil.

Finally, as the hot, sandal-wearing, weather approaches, I would like to mention feet, too. I love sandals and wear them six months a year, mostly without sox. As a result the bottoms of my feet can become very hardened. I have found that rubbing them with either emu oil or coconut oil after I shower restores their natural suppleness.  Before I started this about a year ago, the bottoms of my feet had become so brittle that pieces like plastic would break off all the time.

I would be interested in hearing of any experiences you may have had along these lines.


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