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Which older adults are getting their flu shots and Covid boosters? – U-M

With two viruses threatening to make older adults sick this winter, a new poll shows most people over 50 have gotten vaccines to protect them against both influenza and coronavirus, or plan to. And a majority of those who have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine plan to get an additional dose to boost their level of protection.

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But the poll, taken in mid-October, also reveals major differences in vaccine attitudes between older adults of different age groups, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and other characteristics including personal political leaning.

The new findings come from the National Poll on Healthy Aging, based at the University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, and supported by AARP and Michigan Medicine, U-M’s academic medical center.

The poll finds that 1 in 3 older adults feel it is more important to get vaccinated against the flu this year than in years before the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost all of the rest said the importance this year is the same.


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I got my annual physical and flu shot again …

Every October as surely as the leaves will fall, I go in for my physical exam and flu shot. This year was only slightly different. It was also time for my third Covid shot to boost my Feb and March ones.

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This is always a somewhat uncomfortable day for me. I started with a bike ride. Nothing new, but I limited it to 10 miles. As I was getting blood work done, I had to fast. That meant no food to bolster my energy after a night of sleep and a bike ride. I needed to walk the dog also before heading out for the hospital.

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