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Are There Health Risks in Hot Yoga?

I got into yoga some years ago when I dated a woman who taught it. We went out for about two years and did yoga at least once a day. After we split up I still did yoga daily for several years.This was all before the current yoga craze. My experience of yoga was totally positive. I achieved excellent physical balance and learned through breath control to deal with stress. I can’t give you a good reason for stopping outside of mental and physical inertia.

I did not do hot yoga, nor even hear of it in that time. If you aren’t aware of it, hot yoga is done in a temperature of 105  Fahrenheit with humidity around 40 percent.

Those are hot conditions to do anything.


Consumer Reports recently reported on woman who complained that it left her light-headed, fatigued and weak. “I was completely exhausted, just depleted,” Julianne Pepe said of her reactions after practicing hot yoga.

These sound suspiciously like the symptoms of heat exhaustion or heat stoke.

As a cyclist in all four seasons, I am very aware of these symptoms. Please check out my page – What to Do About Extreme Heat for more on the dangers of extreme heat.

I haven’t heard a lot of reports like this from folks doing hot yoga. I know there are good aspects of the heat, too. Studio owner, Rich Pike, told Consumer Reports, “Heat allows you to bend safely and be more flexible. What the sweating does is it eliminates toxins through your sweat.”

It is true that sweating releases toxins from the body. But, keep in mind sweat contains other chemicals including salt and potassium which are vital electrolytes. Doing an extended hot yoga session and getting dehydrated can be dangerous to your health.

As in all situations, you need to listen to what your body is telling you. If you are benefitting from the practice, you won’t be getting mixed signals like confusion, light-headedness, etc.


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What are 5 Good Things About Aging?

As a senior citizen, I hear a lot of complaints from folks who are aging, some are not even seniors yet. “I have slowed down.” “My memory is shot.” “Everything hurts.” “I’m always tired.”

But, ConsumerReports onHealth lists five good things about aging in their latest issue.

Is there a better example of successful aging than Betty White?

Is there a better example of successful aging than Betty White?

Anger, stress and worry become less common. People in their 70s and 80s report being less troubled by those negative emotions than younger age groups.

Laura Christensen Ph.D., psychologist at Stanford and director of its Center on Longevity, says that as people age, they worry less about the future. “As people get older, they’re more likely to stop and smell the roses.”

onHealth suggests that we try to adopt a more positive outlook on life. Focus on daily activities that you enjoy. Let go of negative feelings. Type positive psychology into the search box at the right for about a dozen blog posts on positive psychology. Continue reading

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Movie Snacks Pack on the Calories

This former news anchor and reporter has some interesting opinions on movie snacks as reported by Consumer Reports.


News Unplugged

The Academy Awards will be handed out in a couple of weeks. That means many of us will be heading to the movie theater between now and then to catch one or more of the nominated flicks. While there, we could also pack on a few pounds.

The new issue of Consumer Reports looks at the nutrition of some popular movie snacks and the results are pretty scary. If you tend to be a little squeamish, stop reading right here. For the rest, here’s what the CR calories count found at major movie chains:

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