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Everything You Wanted to Know About Calories, but Were Afraid to Ask – Infographic

I ran across this Calorie infographic on the web and thought you might enjoy it as much as I did.

I like that it shows some activities and how many calories you burn per hour.



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McDonald’s Varies Menu Overseas – The McCamembert Burger

McDonald’s may be a burger chain for us stateside folks, but overseas it’s a different story, according to the Guardian.

The McArabia

The McArabia

Middle East fast food fans indulge in the McArabia, a grilled chicken sandwich on a flatbread.

In Japan a Mega Teriyaki is an entree and Thailand features jasmine rice patties.

Perhaps the most spectacular is the McCamembert Burger just introduced in France. Ironically, this attempt to satisfy local tastes has irritated the Camembert producers in Normandy.

The McCamembert Burger

The McCamembert Burger

The Guardian reported that the French Newspaper L’Express said that camembert fans “”will be disappointed”, because it lacked taste and, horror, “could even be confused for brie.”

They deserve a break today.


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My Take on Five Guys — What About Taste?

My blogging mate Tony and James Chase, a friend and former colleague from my days writing for PRWeek, got into a little discussion about the calories involved with Five Guys burgers and fries a while back.

It was interesting to read James defend Five Guys as having fresh ingredients and wonderful product as well as his suggests for cutting some calories out of the offerings there.

I recently tried a Five Guys for the first time after hearing people rave about it for some time. I was excited since I love a good hamburger. But Five Guys disappointed me, I have to say. In the end I judge its burger as just another fast food offering I’m afraid (sorry, James).
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