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Michelangelo’s David Returned to Italy

I stumbled across this on the web and couldn’t resist sharing it. In case you needed to be reminded about the dangers of relying on fast foods for nutrition.



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How Many Calories in a Burger King Tender Crisp Chicken Sandwich?

As I said on the McDonald’s Chicken Club Sandwich write up, it is a disappointment when a chicken sandwich turns out to be a high calorie diet buster.

Burger King Tender Crisp Chicken Sandwich

Burger King Tender Crisp Chicken Sandwich

In this case, it is Burger King throwing the high calorie curve ball. There are 800 calories in the Tender Crisp Chicken Sandwich. WebMD notes that ‘crisp’ is a red flag for high-fat, fried food. This sammy is “an example of fried chicken on a bun slathered with creamy, high-fat dressing.  It tops out at 800 calories, 46 g fat, 8 g saturated fat, and 1,640 mg Sodium — more calories and fat than a Whopper with cheese.”

It is worth noting that the Centers for Disease Control suggest that most Americans should not consume more than 1,500 mg of Sodium per day.

This is another example of why you need to check the nutritional breakdown on fast foods. It is logical to assume that a chicken sandwich would be lower in calories than a Whopper with cheese. In this case it is not.


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How Many Calories Are in a Burger King Bacon Sundae?

Burger King is at it again. The hamburger chain that loves to cater to the somewhat gross tastes of teenage boys and young male adults has rolled out another treat for that audience, a bacon sundae.

The new concoction includes vanilla soft serve with fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles and a piece of bacon, reported the Associated Press.

Not exactly my cup of ice cream. The Burger King Bacon Sundae.

And, in case you were wondering, it clocks in at 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar. That’s a day and a half’s worth of sugar in what looks like a relatively small cup, if the photo we found is accurate.

Remember, one teaspoon of sugar weight 4.2 grams, so this is something like 15 teaspoons of sugar, too.

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An Easier Way to Find Nutritional Information on McDonald’s Cherry Berry Chiller

We’ve had a lot of traffic to our site in recent days, specifically a lot of traffic looking for nutritional information about McDonald’s new cherry berry chiller.

That caused us to think about all the McDonald items, indeed all the fast food items, we’ve reported on since starting the blog in 2010. We decided to make it easier for you, our readers, to find fast food nutritional information we posted by creating a new page for our blog.

You can find nutritional info for a range of other McDonald’s offerings here on guysandgoodhealth.com. Just search for McDonald’s here.

If you look at the top of our home page, you’ll now see a listing for fast food nutritional information. Click on that to see our new page, listing McDonald’s and Subway items we’ve written about. We’ve had some others as well, as we find those, we will add them to this page. We’ll also be adding new items as we write about them.

So next time you’re wondering what to eat for lunch, click on this page for a quick rundown of nutritional information that will help you make a more informed, and hopefully healthier, choice.
John & Tony

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How Many Calories in a Burger King Stuffed Steakhouse?

Burger King aims its marketing, and its menu items, squarely at young men who like to eat a lot. That’s why its burgers can seem one even bigger than the next.

In recent days, it’s been promoting its BK Stuffed Steakhouse burger, which has “jalapeños and cheddar cheese on the inside, top that with spicy poblano sauce, ripe tomato and crisp iceberg lettuce, and somehow fit it all on a toasted, corn-dusted bun,” according to the BK Web site.

a BK Stuffed Steakhouse

How many calories is in this monster? The site lists it at 600 with 34 grams of fat and a whopping (or should that be Whopper) 1,250 mg of sodium. Give BK credit for listing all this on its site, so many fast food chains come out with specials and then don’t tell the public what the nutritional info is for them (are you listening Subway). BK is putting it out there, knowing its primary audience isn’t thinking about calories.
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First Look: How Many Calories in McDonald’s Angus Snack Wrap

I’m not normally a fan of McDonald’s burgers. But today I visited the McDonald’s near my office intending to get a salad only to notice McD now has Angus burger wraps. Each one has half of a third-pound Angus burger. There are three varieties that come with a variety of other adornments, such as cheese, mushrooms, etc. I asked for the beef only, no mayo, no nothing. I also bought two and then combined the two halves of beef into one wrap.

The end result wasn’t bad, definitely more tasty than a normal McDonald’s burger on its tiny bun. But I was surprised when I got back to the office and checked the McDonald’s Web site to see the nutrition info for the new wrap. The product isn’t listed in the nutrition section. I had to find a chicken wrap and an Angus burger and deconstruct them to get my calorie count, salt content, etc.
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App Review: CHunterLite Gets a B

I’m always looking for more calorie databases, so I was anxious to try Fast Food Calorie Hunter Lite when I came across it at the Apple apps store. It’s another iTouch app which I assume also works with the iPhone and the new iPad.

It’s basically a database of fast food outlet items and their calorie counts. Another feature id that CHunter tells you what places are near you when you’re online. You just tell it what fast food outlet you’re looking for and it will tell you if there’s one within two, five or 10 miles of where you’re standing. I suppose that would be handy when you’re not on your home turf. I was more interested in the calorie side of it.

While you’ve read how much I rely on Lose It to track my calories, its database doesn’t have everything and I find myself adding fast food items I get more than once. So I was hoping CHunter would be easier than going to each chain’s Web site and looking for their calorie lists.

CHunter does help but it’s not perfect either. Some common items, like the McDonald’s McDouble which has only one slice of cheese vs. the two found in the double cheeseburger, are not in the database. Some others that are there left me wondering if the calorie counts listed were correct.

At Arby’s for example, the giant roast beef is listed at 450 calories while the large is listed at 547 and the Super is listed at 440. Is the large really bigger than the Super? I suppose it’s possible, I’m not an Arby’s regular so I don’t know, but I plan to check the Arby’s site to see.

I give CHunter a B, it does have more info you can turn to in tracking your away-from-home calories. Its lists don’t seem complete, however, I suppose that’s a limitation with any of these databases that store info on your device rather than grabbing it from some remote location.

I prefer having the data on my iTouch since I’m not always online with it. If you have an iPhone which can always connect, however, you might want to search for a different option. One added note, the Lite version I tried is free, the paid version could have more options that I’m not aware of.

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Breakfast Anyone, or is it Everyone, or No One?

Subway is joining the battle to get you to eat breakfast out in the morning. Fast-food chains think they can increase customers in the breakfast space although some studies show fewer people are eating breakfast away from home because of the recession.

Subway is showing the lower calorie count of its breakfast offerings on its napkins, among other places, trying to continue positioning itself as a healthier alternative to rivals McDonald’s and Burger King.

Making your own breakfast at home is  a pretty positive alternative to fast fooding out. You will have more control over the content and quality of your meal.


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Calorie Counts – A Look at Fast Food’s Future

My trip to New York this week has given me a look at fast food’s future in which calorie counts for items are prominently posted on menus. After a Broadway show last night, we ducked into one of my favorite junk food spots, Nathan’s.

For those who don’t know, the original Nathan’s in Coney Island is a New York legend for hot dogs, and also happens to be only a few blocks from where I grew up. Nathan’s, the company, now has outlets in a variety of places, including around Manhattan.

You’ll see in the attached photos that Nathan’s, along with other chains, is now required to post calorie counts on its menu thanks to New York City regulations. The new federal healthcare bill requires that nationally, so we’ll all soon be seeing this sort of thing across the country.

Look at the calorie counts for some of these. We split the two hot dogs and fries, regular size, which is listed at somewhere between about 1,200 and 1,600 calories (not sure why there’s a range). The Phillie cheesesteak can range up to 1,842 calories, with fries, basically an entire day’s calories for me, and unhealthy ones at that. For Tony, I shot the fish and chips menu board, showing the basic order at 1,536 calories.

I’ve no doubt that this sort of calorie posting nationally will help jar people into rethinking what they buy at fast food outlets and start scaling back and, also hopefully, looking for better alternatives.

After hot dogs at midnight, we’re searching for organic foods and sushi today.

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Health Care Bill Means Big Changes for Chain Restaurants

The much dissected and debated new federal healthcare bill will mean big changes for places you may eat at every day. The measure includes requirements for restaurant operators with more than 20 outlets, i.e. fast food chains, to “post calorie counts for standard items on menus and menu boards as well as calories per serving for each item on a buffet and salad bar,” reports Nation’s Restaurant News (there’s a link to this story on our News page along with another on the same topic).


“In addition, restaurateurs would be required to post a brief statement regarding daily caloric intake and advise guests that additional nutrition information is available. Other nutrition data, which must be available on request, would include calories from fat, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fiber and protein.

“The new federal standard will supersede similar measures already approved in California, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Philadelphia, and a dozen other localities. However, New York City’s law, which requires that chains with 15 or more outlets post nutrition data, will remain the same,” the trade paper reports.

Wow. I’ve seen mixed reports on the impact on eating that New York City’s requirements have had. At least one study I’ve read about says seeing calories on menus have caused people to order less, but others have found different results. I think seeing calories can only help us all make smarter choices.

I’m not sure when this provision of the law goes into effect but I can’t wait to see what impact it has. Perhaps it will push some fast food operators to reformulate items rather than tell the public just how many calories they’re getting in some of the junk available.

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