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Thoughts on Aging in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas  ….

This time it isn’t staying in Vegas. I just returned home to icy (9F) Chicago from Las Vegas where temps ranged as high as 70F on the three days I was there.

My girlfriend and I decided to celebrate our one year anniversary (Feb 28) with the trip.

Nice place to stay.

Nice place to stay.

We indulged ourselves at Caesars Palace.

Sumptuous seafood salad at Rao's Restaurant

Sumptuous seafood salad at Rao’s Restaurant

I took my first trip to Las Vegas back in the 60’s when there was still desert between strip casinos so I have seen some amazing changes in the past 50 years. I used to go on junkets where junketeers would round up players and fly them out free. The stipulation was that the player had to gamble a certain amount of money. If you could play, you didn’t need to pay … except at the tables. Those stopped when the city went corporate, but there are still lots of comps to be had.

This seemed an appropriate sign at the Starbuck's shop in Caesar's.

This seemed an appropriate sign at the Starbucks shop in Caesars.

If you haven’t experienced one, casino buffets are really a special experience. I was reminded of the sumptuous feasts at Hogwarts dining room in the Harry Potter movies. You can be sorely tempted by the offerings. We watched people carrying plates with mounds of food on them. I know that when I came here in my youth I was one of them. It is no surprise that 60 percent of us are overweight and 30 percent outright obese. My girlfriend and I were able to enjoy our meals without having to push ourselves away from the table, or loosen our belts afterwards.

We saw Lainie Kazan in her Cabaret Show on the night of the 28th. Kazan is 74 years old, the same age I am. It was sad to see her have to be helped up on the stage. She is very overweight. Her voice isn’t what it used to be, but she still has plenty left. She can certainly deliver a song. The audience totally loved her. One thing she did that I never saw a singer do before was use a music stand with pages of lyrics on it. She turned each page as she finished the song. At one point she said she is getting old and has ‘trouble remembering’ these days. I hope it is just a matter of aging and not anything more ominous. As a person with Alzheimer’s and dementia in the family, this resonated powerfully with me. Check out Exercise, Aging and the Brain for some positive info on aging and memory.

It was a great trip for the two of us, a different setting from what I experienced going there as a youth in my 20’s. The town has matured since then and so have I, … somewhat. I am now a lot older and a little bit smarter.

When I weighed myself this morning, I had not gained any pounds. Back in my 20’s I had always packed on a few.

For important info on exercising in Las Vegas check out my What Happens in Las Vegas post from last September.


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The Buffet – Take 2 (Desserts that Is)

You’ve read about how disciplined Tony is at the buffet he wrote about recently. We sometimes go there together as we did on Good Friday this year.

I tend to overeat there but thought I would be ok on this trip because I would be limiting myself to seafood. I’m Catholic and still adhere to the Catholic rule of not eating meat on Good Friday, so I thought the church would bail me out on this latest buffet run.

And for a while it did. I started with oysters, which I love and are relatively few calories. I had 10 which are only about 80 calories, heaven. I also had mussels, about 100 calories, a clam, 9 calories, a tilapia fillet, 111 calories, and a few soups of a crab bisque soup, probably around 30 or 40 calories.

Feeling good about all that, I treated myself to a few spoons of shrimp fried rice and lo mein noodles, probably 400 calories together. Next I had half a waffle with sugar-free syrup and some mushroom salad.
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Tips on How to Eat Healthy at a Buffet

There is a buffet at a riverboat not far from where I live and I stopped by for lunch today after playing. I am always fascinated at the way folks at a buffet not only fill their plates, but stack the food on top as if they won’t be allowed to take more than one helping.

As it is ‘all you can eat’ I always have to fight temptation to eat ‘all I can.’

You really need to engage your decision-making faculties at a buffet or you can go overboard very easily by overeating

Here is how today’s battle went. A bowl of oatmeal to start. Not fancy but very tasty the way they make it. Also, nutritious and slightly filling to take the edge off my appetite. No sense handicapping myself further.
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