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9 Ways To Avoid Killer Stress

stressedThese are indeed some good ways to deal with stress which can be a killer. I have written several posts on it. The read further, check out: It’s Not Stress That Kills You: It’s How You Handle It, Stress Will Kill You, Super Tools for Handling Stress, Stress and Weight Loss – Mayo Clinic.

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Since stress is a killer, it’s vitally important to practice the following healthy ways of avoiding stress in your life, and of managing stress in loving ways.

Stress activates the fight or flight mechanism, where the blood that’s normally in your brain, organs and immune system is directed into the arms and legs, readying you to fight or flee. Chronic stress keeps the body in this state, which eventually has a major effect on the ability of your immune system to keep you healthy.

Here are some tips to manage stress:

1. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Self-judgment causes much stress. It’s easy for many of us to blame outside situations for our stress, such as others’ rude, blaming or angry behavior, or things not going our way. But the truth is that most stress is caused by how we treat ourselves…

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