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The important role of music in neurorehabilitation

Music-based interventions have become a core ingredient of effective neurorehabilitation in the past 20 years thanks to the growing body of knowledge. In this theme issue of Neurorehabilitation, experts in the field highlight some of the current critical gaps in clinical applications that have been less thoroughly investigated, such as post-stroke cognition, traumatic brain injury, and autism and specific learning disabilities.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

Neurologic Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions by a credentialed professional. Research in the 1990s showed for the first time how musical-rhythmic stimuli can improve mobility in stroke and Parkinson’s disease patients. We now know that music-based interventions can effectively address a wide range of impairments in sensorimotor, speech/language, and cognitive functions.

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Super Bowl Prompts NFL on Brain Study Release

I am a big football fan so I get news items from the NFL regularly. This morning I got one from Jeffrey Immelt and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell explaining all the NFL is doing to protect its players against the danger of concussions.

450px-thumbnailI was fascinated to read the following, “Those concerns include the risk of concussion, which is difficult to diagnose, treat, and prevent. That’s in large part because there continue to be great holes in the scientific and medical understanding of the brain.” My emphasis.

I started reading about the brain as I studied weight loss and calorie consumption. I bet you have no idea what percent of your daily calorie intake goes to power the brain which accounts for less than 3 percent of your body weight. (Hint: You can find the answer along with a ton of other fascinating facts on my Page Important facts about your brain – and exercise.)

The NFL said, “We are making a tangible commitment toward accelerating progress in our knowledge of the brain – how it works, how it can be better protected, and how we can help it to recover from injury.”

Last year the NFL partnered with Under Armour announcing a $60 million dollar “Head Health Initiative” aimed at jump-starting new research and tech into the brain. This week they announced the first winners.

This is great news. I think this infusion of money will result in some breakthroughs in the field of brain injury study as well as general knowledge about the brain that will benefit all of us not just the guys knocking each other’s heads in on the field. Kudos to the NFL for this initiative. I look forward to the news we get over the next few years on this most important organ in the body.


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