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How Many Calories in Boston Market’s New Ribs?

Boston Market has introduced a new meal this week in the form of BBQ Ribs. The firm considers it a natural progression in the form of a ‘comfort food’ that goes with their chicken. Lots of firms offer chicken and ribs. However, Boston Market does not have fryers in their restaurants and I think most chicken and rib joints sell fried chicken along with ribs. Boston Market has specialized in the healthier oven-cooked chicken. I wonder if there may be more of a gap between the ribs and chicken than they envision.

I confess that I have a soft spot for Boston Market, having enjoyed a lot of tasty and pretty healthy meals there. When I took care of my aunt with Alzheimer’s I would pick up a turkey dinner from Boston Market for us to dine on at Thanksgiving.

The firm also boasts about 100 combinations of meals ‘under 500 calories,’ so it is possible to eat there reasonably.

Now comes the BBQ ribs. Not so healthy. Boston Market offers a half rack and a quarter rack.


Here is the nutritional breakdown for the half rack from their website:

The half rack has
Calories 1180
Total Fat 74 Grams
Saturated Fat 29 Grams
Cholesterol 215 mg
Carbohydrates 67 Grams
Sodium 3150 mg
Sugar 58 Grams
Fiber 2 Grams
Protein 65 grams

The calories come to around half of a normal person’s plus 2000 calories per day budget. Not horrible, but you will need to watch your consumption the rest of the day.

That is a lot of fat and saturated fat. More than you need and more than recommended for a day’s consumption.

Sodium is another problem. The daily recommendation is around 2300 mg, but if you are over 50 it drops to 1500, so this is double.

The sugar at 58 grams falls just short of 12 teaspoons full. There are 4.2 grams of sugar per teaspoon.

You will be getting pretty much your entire protein allowance with the 65 grams. Might be a digestion problem, but it is all the protein the average adult needs in one day.

Keep in mind that this calorie breakdown does not include any side orders of mashed potatoes and gravy or corn bread or a beverage, so you will likely be consuming at least half of the normal man’s 2000-2200 calorie per day budget by the time you finish.


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Boston Market Fish Special — Didn’t Exist!

I was anxious to try Boston Market’s Lenten fish special, I had written about getting a $1-off coupon on it here last week.

But when I went to the Boston Market outlet near my Deerfield, IL, office to try it last Friday, I was shocked to find the place out of the fish special at 2 p.m.! Shame on you, Boston Market. If you’re putting advertising dollars behind a special, promoting it with coupons and even in-store signage, which the store I visited had plastered all over its front door, then you should have the special in stock at all times.

An e-mail coupon I received from Boston Market

Nutritional breakdown on the baked whitefish as follows:
Serving size 269 grams 9.5 ounces
Calories 470
Fat 28 grams
Saturated fat 15 grams
Cholesterol 190 grams
Sodium 690 mg
Carbs 21 grams
Fiber 2 grams
Protein 34 grams

Want to cast your net for more about fast food fish? Check out How Many Calories in Wendy’s Fish Sandwich?;How Many Calories in a McDonald’s Fish Sandwich?; How Many Calories in McDonald’s Fish McBites?


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Boston Market is Suggesting Meals under 550 Calories

I recently was looking at the Boston Market site, trying to get nutrition information on a new whitefish dish it sent me a coupon for, something I assume is tied to the Lenten season when Catholics cannot eat meat on Fridays.

An e-mail coupon I received from Boston Market

What I found though was a page suggesting a variety of Boston Market meals, all under 550 calories. It’s an interesting list, even dark meat chicken, which has more calories than the white meat, is listed — without its skin though, something Tony and I advocate when it comes to eating chicken. Chicken skin is a calorie bomb. As great as it can taste, toss it.
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