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What Are Three Rules for Healthy Eating?

I was reading Bicycling magazine this morning and ran across a short article by a personal trainer for cyclists on three rules every cyclist should live by. Turns out they are three rules that every person should live by. images-1

The first is that real food doesn’t need a label. Good point. The author, James Berrera, points out that packaged foods are often loaded with sugar, salt and fat “that stimulate the brain’s pleasure centers, which encourages us to keep eating even when we are full. Plus, the body processes nutrients much more efficiently when they come from whole foods.”

The second rule is to eat less meat. Berrera states, “The populations that live longest consume a more plant-based diet than the average American does.”

Rule three is fill up on nutrients, not calories. “One of the biggest problems with processed treats like cookies is that they’re light on nutrients yet pack a high number of calories into a small volume.

Indeed, I wrote almost these same words in my item A love letter to Hostess Ho Ho’s and Twinkies – NOT from last November in which I gave chapter and verse on why Ho Ho’s qualify as junk food.


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