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5 Lessons on making a happy life – Harvard

I am all for living a long and healthy life and this blog is filled with suggestions on achieving that. But, besides having a functional brain and body in our senior years, we also want to be happy about it. Harvard has studied a group of men and boys over the past 78 years in what is one of the longest studies of adult life ever done.

“The Harvard Study of Adult Development has tracked the lives of 724 men from the time they were teenagers into old age — 268 Harvard College sophomores, and 456 boys from Boston’s inner city.”



Here are five of the big lessons they learned about what contributes to a good life.

Lesson 1: Happy childhoods matter

Having warm relationships with parents in childhood predicts that you will have warmer and more secure relationships with those closest to you in adulthood. We found that warm childhoods reached across decades to predict more secure relationships with spouses at age 80. A close relationship with at least one sibling in childhood predicts that people are less likely to become depressed by age 50. And warmer childhood relationships predict better physical health in adulthood all the way into old age. Continue reading


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Are Your Bad Habits Killing You? Infographic

There are a lot of aspects to living a healthy life besides just getting your weight down to what it should be. Here is a nice informative infographic with very useful suggestions.

Regarding the second point – Sitting down all day, I have a Page on The Dangers of Too Much Sitting. Check it out for more info.

You can also look into my Page – How Important is a Good Night’s Sleep?

I also have a Page on the tenth point – Smoking. Check out – How Many Ways Does Smoking Harm You?



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