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iPhone Apps – a Handy BMI Calculator

Here’s a quick look at an iPhone/iPod Touch app that can stimulate some conversation next time you and friends are discussing weight loss and healthy eating.

It’s called Handy BMI and it calculates your body mass index, something some experts say might be the best way of knowing if you’re obese or not. This app was developed for doctor so they could quickly tell a patient his or her BMI. You enter your height and weight and get a number, in my case 27.528742. That signals I’m overweight. The higher the number, the more toward obese you are.

Wikipedia has a good explanation of BMI, if you haven’t heard of it, read about it there. And then use Handy BMI to amaze your friends, and hopefully help you get to a healthy BMI. For me to get to a healthy BMI, the program is telling me I should weigh 184, roughly 19 pounds from where I am. Better hit the exercise bike some more!


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