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The Dark Knight Rises But Lets Us Down

I got a rare invitation last month to see a private screening of The Dark Knight Rises on July 19, the night before the opening. It turned out to be a fascinating experience.

I could bring a guest, so I invited my daughter who will turn 18 in December. She came down early and we had a lovely lunch in which I totally over-indulged on pizza. Isn’t it interesting how easy it is to abuse food when eating out with friends and loved ones? I am sure I consumed about double my normal lunch calories. Once again, I sympathize with you folks who have to eat out on your job. I will note, though, that neither my daughter nor I had dinner. So that kind of balanced the overindulgence at lunch. We went to the film later that afternoon and did eat some popcorn.

As it turned out if I had known the content of the film beforehand, I am not sure I would have taken her. It was mind-numbingly long and ponderous. The cinematography was spectacular, but just short of three hours? Sorry, too much of a not very good thing.

Ann Hathaway as Cat Woman provided some of the few bright moments

Christian Bale reprised his role of the angst-ridden caped crusader. And Michael Caine brought back Alfred in all his caring ways. Anne Hathaway was a welcome relief to the story as Catwoman. She brightened the screen every time she appeared. Tom Hardy, looking like a refugee from pro-wrestling played the heavy – Bane. More about that name later.
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