Do You Know the Dangers of Too Much Sitting?

I must confess that only a few months ago I was amazed to learn that the simple act of sitting can be damaging to my health. Okay, you have to be sitting for a while, but not all day. This is something you need to know more about. One observer called sitting the new smoking and I actually used that as a header on a blog post. You can decide for yourself whether that is inflammatory or not. When the New York Times gets into the discussion, I think it’s time to find out more.


For the record, it’s not the chair that’s evil, it’s your sitting too long in it. Read some of the hints on this page …

Sit Less; Live Longer – New York Times
How Sitting Too Long Affects Your Body – Infographic
Sitting is the New Smoking
7 Areas of the Body Affected by Sitting too Long – Infographic
Sitting Is Killing You – Infographic
Exercising More, Sitting Less Reduces Heart Failure Risk in Men
Too Much Sitting can be Hazardous to Your Health and Longevity
The Sitting and Rising Test Gives Clues to How Long You Might Live
Too Much Sitting is Harmful to Your Body
There is a Physical Price For Too Much Sitting – Wall Street Journal

Further on the dangers of sitting too long




37 responses to “Do You Know the Dangers of Too Much Sitting?

  1. I recently read an article about this and brought a used exerbike…I make sure to break at least on the hour and spend a few minutes on it…thanks for the post.

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  2. Ryan Dinnage

    Very important article and very well written. It’s scary to think something that we do an awful lot for a lot of our lives can be so dangerous!

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  3. As a bookkeeper for multiple clients I relate to this more than I’d like to! I’ve been working on a change and your article was a great reminder!

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    • Glad I could help. I have the Apple Watch and it reminds me every hour to stand up. You might try some kind of reminder to get you up out of your seat every hour. Good luck!

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      • Catherine Drescher

        Interesting idea abt having alarm every hour to remind you to get up and walk around. My elderly mom does marching in step during ads on TV.

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      • Wonderful! Your mom is on the ball! Thanks for sharing that.


      • Mary

        You could use your brain without having a reminder. This would help stave off alzheimers ( I don’t quite believe this, it a a recognised disease with no known cure) Sorry about the spelling my brain is not what it used to be.

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  4. This is so interesting and helpful Tony. I KNOW I sit too long at times but I will work harder to NOT do this on a regular basis. This is a real eye-opener. I’m reblogging this post too. Thank you. 🙂

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    • Geraldine – Thanks very much for your kind words. I am happy that you benefited from something I wrote. Thanks for the reblog. BTW, you might check into the ‘reblog’ button on top of the page. I think it is easier for you.


  5. Wow this is scary I must remember to get up every hour and move about 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  6. This is one of my favourite subjects Tony…….the old problem of resting and rusting. I am particularly keen to help spread the word as it is something close to my heart as it caused a very serious health issue for my son when only in his early thirties – four blood clots in his leg from sitting in front of a computer all day and not moving. Read this article I wrote for the full story:

    Cheers – John.

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  7. mar_deepmode

    Bookmarked your page! Hopefully I will start doing those stretches in my daily routine because my job is done in front of a computer… sitting!

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  8. I t is wonderful information to all.Asian subcontinent people sitting idle very much ,overpopulate countries,sitting idle ,unemployment ,and retiree,so this information very helpful to them for health fitness ,and save,free from diereses,fellow it

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  9. Peter Oghuma

    The topic is quite interesting, I never knew too much sitting could be so deadly

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  10. beautiful spaz

    interesting thanx very good to know and to actually realize we become how we r treated rite

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  11. I have fibromyalgia and I often have a great deal of pain in me leg o the other. Standing or walking is incredibly painful during these times. The only relief I can get is to sit with legs elevated. Even then the pain causes tears until it subsides. I would like to exercise and walk more as I also st to long at times. Medications don’t help. Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

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    • Thanks for sharing that. As I am a journalist and not a medical practicioner, I hesitate to offer suggestions outside of checking with your own doctor. I would hope he/she would be able to give you positive input.


      • Thanks Tony. Good advice except that here in Saskatchewan Canada it’s very difficult if not impossible to find a doctor who will even acknowledge fibromyalgia as a “real” condition. Thought maybe some one out there might have some insight. Thank-you. God bless. Take care out there:)

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      • Sorry I couldn’t help. Sometimes other readers will chime in with ideas. Good luck!

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  12. Thanks for the post reminder Tony – I gotta get that fitbit and set it to buzz me every hour so I get up. When I started researching more about health, I was surprised to find out about that evil chair, but it does make a lot of sense. I know that growing up while my parent didn’t exercise, life itself required more activity – people cooked from scratch (no microwaves) and that itself meant more activity. Fast food wasn’t around much (remember Wetsons’ – yum) and with one car per family, well, everyone walked everywhere – school for us was a mile each way – so at least we got that in.
    Thank you again Tony – great post and great reminder!

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  13. Wendy

    I am 52. I have been experiencing extreme leg pain when standing up. It’s gradually been getting worse for the last 3 years. Almost to the point of not being able to stand at all for the first few seconds. After being up and walking around or just standing the pain almost completely goes away. I have been searching for an answer as to why? Even been seeing a doctor, will be getting back ex rays Monday. I believe your blog may have helped me find the culprit. Thank you.

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  14. Moses

    Thanks 4 the advice.

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  15. Adamu Saidu

    Very nice thank you so much.

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  16. Our bodies are made for movement. Standing and moving are unique biological triggers that play a key role in being healthy.

    Prolonged sitting has also been shown to result in increasing worker discomfort over the course of the workday. The practice of alternating between sitting and standing at work has been linked to increased HDL (good cholesterol), more frequent muscle contractions, decreased incidence of breathing difficulties, and decreased swelling of the lower limbs.
    Sit-to-stand practices have also been linked with helping our bodies properly express the genes necessary to build healthy muscle.

    I have been using a Sit-Stand desk for the past 2 months and I am very happy . I have sciatica and found that this desk really helps. I spend most of the day standing at my desk


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