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My New HYDRA SmartBottle Came

What? You don’t know what a HYDRA Smart Water Bottle is? Don’t feel bad. It happens to be a new invention that I read about and backed on Indiegogo, the crowdfunding site.

As I have posted previously, I use the two crowdfunding sources, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, for cool new products and ideas. You can read about my Torch 2 Bike Helmet that lights up at night which was also crowdfunded.

The HYDRA Smart Bottle is a wonder for a bike rider like me. It was “Designed to bring modern creature comforts along for the ride.” One picture is worth a thousand words, so you can see all the features below.


The top is a detachable Bluetooth speaker for my iPhone music. It also functions as a radio. By pressing a button on the bottom, the bottle lights up and becomes a lantern. It can also flash red if I want to turn my water bottle into an illuminated flashing red lantern when I ride at night. The base when charged holds enough energy to charge my iPhone or a tablet when out.

To get the full story on the HYDRA check out this video from the creators:

Here is the link for their website to read more:

They are just finishing shipping out the preorders for backers, so you can’t get one there yet. Amazon will be selling the bottles. Watch for them.

Posted 5 Feb 2016: Here is the Amazon link they are selling for $59.95.



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What is the HYDRA SmartBottle?

Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the new Torch 2 cycling helmet that I backed on Indiegogo, the crowdfunding site. As I said at the time, I thought there was some interesting information in the write up whether you were a cyclist or not. Well, now I have a new product that I backed on Indiegogo and it has even broader appeal than the Torch 2.

The HYDRA SmartBottle is way more than just a new water bottle. As they say on their website,  “The once mundane ‘water bottle’ has been transformed to be so much more! When you’re on the go, lugging around all your favorite gear can be restricting. Being light and agile means leaving good stuff behind. But not anymore! Introducing a brand new category – the SmartBottle!”


As you can see from the illustration, the HYDRA doesn’t look like any kind of ordinary drinking bottle.

I could spend a couple of hundred words writing about the HYDRA and letting you create pictures in your mind, but I don’t think I would do it justice. So, I have included the You Tube video from their website and you can see it for yourself.

Check it out. As you will see, any person who enjoys the outdoors will be able to find a use for it. I know I can’t wait to take it with me on bike rides. Okay, I will list a few of its attributes. It lights up, it plays music, it holds water, it lightens your load when  you go out to play.


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