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The excellence of Tom Brady

I originally wrote this several years ago when I first read about Tom Brady’s rigorous physical routines and diet that are doing a dynamite job in holding off Father Time. At 41 years old, he led the Patriots Sunday afternoon to a stunning overtime victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots are now going to the Super Bowl! It was thrilling to watch and the fireworks following the game were too. I refer to the twitterverse where the 🐐 emoji appeared everywhere. Brady is universally referred to as the GOAT – Greatest Of All Time. This is Brady’s third straight Super Bowl and his ninth overall. The next highest amount is five by John Elway. You can read about it in detail here –  Brady sends Twitter wild.


These are Brady’s numbers after Sunday’s game

I write about diet, exercise and living longer. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is playing in the Super Bowl tomorrow. What’s the connection?


While I am big fan of the NFL and can’t wait for tomorrow’s game, I am writing about Tom Brady for totally other reasons. On January 16, I ran across the article Tom Brady Cannot Stop by Mark Leibovich in the New York Times Magazine. The piece offers some worthwhile insights into the charismatic character that is Tom Brady so often written about in broad strokes resulting in sketchy two dimensional pictures. Leibovitch accomplished much more than that.


While I admired Brady’s excellence on the field and his wonderful apparently totally successful life, Super Bowl winner, multimillionaire, happily married to a supermodel, etc., I had no clear idea about him as a human being.

Mark Leibovich fixed that. The entire idea about this blog is eating intelligently, maintaining our health with adequate exercise and living a long time with mental faculties totally intact.

It appears that Brady is doing that off the field as well as he throws footballs on it. Continue reading


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