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Medical guidelines may be overaggressive, biased

For the most part I opt for natural remedies over drugs for my own personal health. But, there are times when a doctor’s recommendations may differ from my wishes. So I was fascinated to learn that sometimes medical practitioners may not be totally objective in their appraisals of our health.

Dr. Sunita Sah practiced general medicine for several years in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. When she came to the United States, she noticed something strange.

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The U.K. guidelines for tests such as mammograms and colon cancer screenings drastically differed from those in the U.S. – even though they were based on the same medical evidence.

“Having colonoscopy at the age of 50 – that struck me as rather odd when I moved to the U.S., because you don’t really hear about people having colonoscopies as a screening procedure in the U.K.,” said Sah. “It’s much less invasive to test for blood in the stool. It’s also less costly and doesn’t have the risks of undertaking a colonoscopy.”

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What Can You Learn From a Doctor’s Visit?

I have had to do some doctoring lately and it seems that every time I do I come away with more good info on how my body works and what I can do to fine tune it further.

A few weeks ago I woke up and found a bubble on my elbow about the size of a golf ball. You can read the whole story here. My doctor at the time did some blood work on me to ascertain that my uric acid levels were okay and the bubble was very likely olecranon bursitis and not gout. He told me to buy a bottle of Naproxin Sodium 200 mg tablets and take two pills after breakfast and two again after dinner for the next five days. He said the swelling would probably go down over the next week or so.

Naproxin is an anti-inflammatory and would work to keep the bubble from getting bigger and probably reduce its size.

I followed the doctor’s directions and quit the pills after five days. An interesting thing happened then. The bubble may have gotten a little smaller, or not, in either case, I had no pain from it. What I noticed is that after I stopped taking the Naproxin, the arthritis in my hands started acting up.

I decided to go back to the Naproxin, but to cut the dosage. I took only one pill after breakfast instead of two and no more pills later. I did this for several days and felt a definite reduction in the pain in my hands.

I also decided that maybe I shouldn’t be self medicating like this without a doctor’s directions. So, I called her and explained what I had done. She said to come in so she could examine my elbow again.
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