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How to Use Cinnamon Sticks – Infographic

This being hot toddy season brought to my mind the ubiquitous cinnamon stick I usually find in mine. Besides hot toddies there a number of ways that you can use cinnamon sticks in your diet. Because cinnamon reacts with certain medicines, it is important to check with your doctor before using it.

According to, some of the positive effects of cinnamon include: lowers glucose, lowers cholesterol, reduces muscle soreness and fights certain kinds of cancers.



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Cinnamon and diabetes

In the U.S, what we call “cinnamon” is almost always cassia, and it is what is generally sold in most stores and supermarkets(in Europe, Ceylon cinnamon is much more common.



Cinnamon is by far the spice I love the most. Its sweet, complex taste is almost magical to me. In part, this is why I’ve closely followed the news about it for so long, especially about its potential as a type II diabetes treatment(not type I). Early studies on cinnamon suggested it could lower both glucose and cholesterol levels.

A lot more research has been done, and a recent meta-analysis,
Cinnamon use in type 2 diabetes: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis.
on cinnamon concluded:

The consumption of cinnamon is associated with a statistically significant decrease in levels of fasting plasma glucose, total cholesterol, LDL-C, and triglyceride levels, and an increase in HDL-C levels; however, no significant effect on hemoglobin A1c was found. The high degree of heterogeneity may limit the ability to apply these results to patient care, because the preferred dose and duration of therapy are unclear.


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