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8 Nutritional Tips for Cyclists – Infographic

Must confess I couldn’t resist this infographic. Superheroes riding bikes!? It doesn’t get any better than that. There are also  some good nutritional ideas to boot.



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Bicycling vs Driving a Car – Bike Snob

There is a wonderful comparison of driving a car with riding a bicycle on page 104 of the book Bike Snob. The item has nothing directly to do with diet, but it is nicely written and conveys some of the beauty and joy of cycling and I wanted to share it with you. I am leaving off what he wrote about driving a car because we all know about that.

“However, cyclists never forget that they’re operating a vehicle. If you forget to pedal you stop moving. If you lose your balance you tip over. You can’t fall asleep. You have to be aware of the road surface at all times, and you feel every inch of it. You actually recognize different types of pavement. You know there will be ice when it’s cold, you know that heat can make the road surface softer, and you know that the printed lines can be slippery in the rain. You’re engaged. Sure you’re less protected on a bicycle, but the fact is that this makes you a safer driver, because you’re also thinking. Your brain can be a far more effective safety device than a seat belt or an air bag, or even a helmet. As long as you’re involved in what you’re doing, that safety device is operational. The bike sharpens your mind like it strengthens your body. You’re actually at an advantage over car drivers in the same way those prehistoric proto-mice turned out to have an advantage over the dinosaurs. (You might find a mouse in our kitchen but you’ll never see a brontosaurus.)”

The Bike Snob is Eben Weiss and you can read his fascinating story in this Wall Street Journal article.


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