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Happy Birthday, Gabi!

Gabi, my miniature poodle and canine companion, turns 16 years old today on December 12. She has lived with me for the past 15-1/2 years. In that period I can’t remember a day in which she didn’t bring a smile to my face or make me laugh out loud.

Gabi weighs 11 pounds. The vet said that a dog this size ages as follows: First year = 17 years, every year after that = 4 years, So Gabi, in people years, is 77 years old.

Also, in the course of our three daily walks, I have met hundreds of people that I never would have encountered otherwise. Some came in and out of my life like raindrops, but many have remained and become a part of my life.

Celebrating her birthday is personal for me and isn’t going to help anyone to lose any pounds or inches. However, a pet can play an important part in one’s happiness. Check out the post – Owning a pet can benefit your mental and physical health.

Although she is a part of my life now, I didn’t have a dog for over 50 years. My brother and I had a dog when I was around 10 years old, but it wasn’t long before he became my father’s dog. You can read about how Gabi came into my life in the post – Anatomy of an act of kindness.

Here she is with her July 4th bandanna.

Earlier this year I wrote a post on The ravages of old age which you can read by clicking the link. Gabi is clearly no longer a pup, but while she has some of her abilities waning, she still, hopefully has a long way to go.



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The 7 Surprising Ways Being Kind Makes You Healthier and Happier

Nice to see ALL these benefits that accrue from a single act of kindness. If you would like to read further, I have posted a number of times on the subject: Healthy Snacking as an Act of Kindness

Anatomy of an Act of Kindness

Can You Practice Random Acts of Kindness?

5 Reasons if Pays to be Kind – Infographic


Our Better Health

By: Diane M.     November 16, 2015      Follow Diane at @DianeMacEachern

Being nice or kind is often touted as a way to do something good for someone else. But in addition to helping others, being kind turns out to be just as good for the person extending the kindness as for the person receiving it, if not more so. Here are 7 surprising ways being kind is so good for you, it makes you healthier!

1) Being kind increases your overall sense of happiness and well-being. Dr. Stephen Post of the Institute for Research on Unlimited Love says being kind generates a side effect he calls “the giver’s glow.” One of the top five factors contributing to lower depression rates is “giving to neighbors and communities,” according to a study conducted in Great Britain, reports the Denver Post. Don’t believe it? Try it yourself. See if you…

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9 Rules Of Smart Snacking

Our Better Health


As a health and nutrition consultant, two big questions I’m always asked are: When should I snack? and What should I snack on? Snacking often ends up being more like erratic eating so here are some tips to help you snack smartly:

1. Snack when your hunger is real.

When there is too much time between meals, you might need a bite to hold you over. The stomach takes three to four hours to empty, so if your next meal is five hours away, eat a little. If you under-eat or wait too long, watch out for over-snacking. You don’t want a snack to turn into brunch or dinner.

2. Snack when your blood sugar is low.

How can you tell? If your meals are high in starch or sugar, you might get low blood sugar shortly after eating, a swing that…

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Monaco – An Act of Kindness and Affair of the Heart

What does Monaco mean to you? When I hear Monaco I think of the famous entertainers and athletes who have settled there to take advantage of the fact that Monaco levies no income taxes, so it functions as a tax haven worldwide.

There is also a famous sports car event called The Monte Carlo Rally which has been held there since 1911. It is considered to be Monaco’s Grand Prix, organized by the Automobile Club de Monaco. Long considered to be one of the toughest and most prestigious events in rallying. For 35 years, from 1973 to 2008 it was the opening round of the World Rally Championship.

Probably the principal thing that sticks in my mind about Monaco is the recollection of the storybook romance between  movie star Grace Kelly and Monaco’s Prince Rainier. A true affair of the heart.

[unrulysponsored code=145270680 align=center]

But the Principality of Monaco has an even bigger heart in the area of looking after the young. It practices as a matter of policy acts of kindness toward afflicted children in developing countries. I advocate acts of kindness on a personal basis. It is good to see them practiced as a matter of policy by a country.

Twelve-year-old Aminata Keita,  who lives in the Republic of Mali suffers  from cardimyopathy. This is a rare disease that requires open heart surgery to repair. That kind of sophisticated medical treatment is not possible in Mali. However, the Mother and Child Hospital there referred Aminita to the Monaco Thoracic Center for treatment.

Dr. Gilles Dreyfus of the Cardio-Thoracic Center of Monaco says it treats all thoracic diseases from newborns to the very old.

Repairing Animata’s faulty heart valves allows her to live for the next 15 to 20 years without problems.

This was made possible by the Monaco Public Fund helps to finance these activities in particular for children with cardiovascular disease in developing countries.

I have written about the benefits of acts of kindness several times in the blog. Anatomy of an act of kindness, Can you practice random acts of kindness?


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