Week 5 of my lung cancer surgery recovery

As a brief recap: I had lung cancer surgery on 11 Jan of this year. For the events leading up to it, check out my Page – My experience with lung cancer.

I am now in my fifth week of recovery. I naively thought that once I had the surgery, it would be all over. I could not have been more wrong.

I wanted to include this lovely card from the SuperAgers because it seemed so sweet and certainly lifted my spirits

The first few weeks home, I had almost no appetite, ditto on energy. The only exercise I was capable of was walking the dog three times a day. There was also a lot of pain in my chest. I needed painkillers for the first week. Additionally, I was told not to lift more than 10 pounds. Although one lobe of my left lung had been removed, I did not experience shortness of breath.


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14 responses to “Week 5 of my lung cancer surgery recovery

  1. Tony, I think of you every day and I’m so glad to read this update. It is slow and you are being so patient. I really admire you.

    I’m so glad you have a team to talk to and they are readily available.

    Did they recommend pulmonary rehab?

    For the stir craziness, are you at all interested in learning Spanish? The online group that I have found is so much fun. They have Spanish drills every 30 minutes all day and it’s a very lively round robin type class. It definitely keeps your mind extremely active and you get to meet people around the world. And it’s amazing how quickly you learn Spanish in a natural Way, the way natives learn. No lists of conjugations and vocabulary. Just constant repetition. So if you would be at all interested, I could send you the link. It is free to try.

    I am wishing you all the best. Please continue with the updates. I am absolutely amazed at how well you are doing. I know it seems like such a drag to you. But you have had a major shock to your body. A major shack for anyone, let alone somebody in their 80s.

    Nunca te rindas! Sigue luchando. Superarás esto !

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    • Thanks, Red. I appreciate your interest. I will pass on the Spanish, had several courses in college,so I know poquito Spanish. Also, I am making progress, so I hope the cabin fever will be short-lived.

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      • I so hope you’ll be feeling much better very soon. On another note, I found some wonderful battery powered gloves that keep my hands warm on long early morning walks. I have Raynaud’s Syndrome, so the cold really affects my hands. These gloves have totally changed my workouts. Are used to have to spend a long time first running them under cold water and gradually warming it up over a period of 30 minutes. Now my hands stay toasty warm. The batteries last about 3 hours on high power.

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      • Very cool. My hands are also vulnerable biking in cold weather. I found glove-mitts worked great. They keep the fingers together and I guess that makes them warmer than gloves. Fingers and toes are most vulnerable on the bike.

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  2. Myra Fisher Burton

    Tony, continued thoughts and prayers for your recovery.

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  3. Roger Crowson

    Tony, I’m praying that you regain your health and vigor, to be able to get back on your bike. I have enjoyed your blog for a number of years now.

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  4. Penny

    Dear Tony,
    I’m hoping you see the light at the end of the tunnel and that you feel more like your ‘SuperAger’ self very soon!

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  5. Thank you, Tony! Your personal posts of your recovery experience are so enlightening and helpful. Wishing you a steady recovery!

    Janine Perky

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