Frequent visits to green space linked to lower use of certain prescription meds

Frequent visits to urban green spaces, such as parks and community gardens in Finland, rather than the amount, or views of them from home, may be linked to lower use of certain prescription meds, suggests research published online in Occupational & Environmental Medicine.

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The observed associations between frequent green space visits and lower use of drugs for depression, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, and asthma were not dependent on socio-economic position.

Exposure to natural environments is thought to be good for health, but the evidence is inconsistent, say the researchers.

They wanted to find out if the amount of residential green and blue space (bodies of water), frequency of green space visits, and views of green and blue spaces from home might be separately associated with the use of certain prescription meds.


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4 responses to “Frequent visits to green space linked to lower use of certain prescription meds

  1. I hope spending time in your own yard counts.

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  2. I don’t plant flowers and vegetables. But I have a lot of beautiful bushes and trees in my yard. I have a wonderful guy who takes care of it and it is private and very peaceful. I used to do more day trips to various parks and beaches. But since Covid I just haven’t liked going out. I had a pool built and I’m happy to stay in the nature around my house. So I’m hoping that will still be healthy.

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