My successful lung cancer surgery

Regular readers know that I learned that I had contracted lung cancer in the first week of November. After undergoing a number of tests, biopsies and scans, I got to meet my ‘cancer team’ on December 20. At that meeting I learned that the tumor in my lung was of a sufficient size that surgery was the best avenue of removal.

My daughter shot this picture of me after I was admitted to the hospital,

Just to back up a step, I want to recall my shock at learning that I was carrying a deadly growth in my left lung. Writing this blog about living a healthy life and pretty much doing everything in my power to accomplish exactly that, I didn’t expect anything of the sort. I don’t smoke. Since my diagnosis, I have learned that 15% to 20% of lung cancer victims are not smokers. So, my ignorance of that fact was costly. Also, lung cancer is very much a disease of the aged. Only about 10% of lung cancer cases occur in people younger than 50 years old. I am 82, another costly oversight.


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26 responses to “My successful lung cancer surgery

  1. Tony, I was so happy and relieved to read the topic of this blog. I am very very glad the surgery is over and went well. Your healthy living has indeed paid off! Remember, you wouldn’t have even been a candidate for surgery had you not been in such good shape. So I think this is even more motivation for me to continue with my healthy lifestyle. I’m 72. Follow your doctors’ orders. I’m glad you have the pup to help with the walks. I look forward to reading more on your road to recovery! My very best wishes to you. ~Nora.

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  2. So glad you’re okay!! Wishing you the very best! HUGS from New Jersey!

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  3. Myra Fisher Burton

    I admire you so much and appreciate you more! I am 71 and spoke with my doctor (as I’m sure a lot of your readers/fans did!). I smoked as a kid and actually quit because I thought it was nasty before 12. My doctor advised me that I couldn’t (didn’t?) qualify for lung screening because I never had a pack a day habit. The fact that I would like to be tested is not relevant to my insurance or my doctors, I guess. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are continuing for the very best of outcome for you.

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  4. Penny

    What a relief for you to have had that surgery done! You look great. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery and that you’ll be back on the bike soon!

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  5. Rock

    Tony, Congratulations on a successful surgery! 👍 Praying for a full and complete recovery! 🙏🏼 You will be exchanging your wheelchair wheels for bicycle wheels before you know it!! 🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️

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  6. Welcome back! Thanks for sharing your story! Hope you are feeling good… your smile says it all!

    –Janine Perky

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  7. I’m so happy to hear the good news, Tony! Thank you for the update! 🙏Here’s to happy days ahead!! 🤗

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  8. Tony, I’m so thankful that your surgery has gone well and that your recovery is on track.
    Your description of your recovery and therapy remined me of a book I read last year. Breathe: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Neator. If you don’t know the book, I think it would very much captivate your interest once you start reading it.
    Best wishes from southern Ontatio, Canada.

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  9. That’s terrific news, Tony. I’m so glad that your surgery is over and was successful. Good times await!

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  10. Glad to hear that your surgery was successful, Tony! Sending you best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. Soon you’ll be back on two wheels riding along the lakefront.

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  11. I think all your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle will help you get over this setback quickly. I hope so, because many people rely on your posts to keep up to date on news on the health front. We’re all rooting for your speedy recovery, Tony.

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  12. Have a speedy recovery, we want to see you back in action soon.

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  13. Congratulations on successful surgery and I wish you a quick recovery 🙂

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