Perfectionists more likely to burn out – study suggests

People with perfectionist traits are more susceptible to burnout, according to new research, and it is not just work-related stress that is the cause.

Christmas is coming. We have all endured a global pandemic. There are coughs and colds everywhere. Bills are mounting. It is safe to say we are all exhausted – but when does tiredness tip into burnout?

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An expert in mental health and mood disorders has been studying the phenomenon of burnout closely for several years. The extensive research has now been released in the first complete self-help guide to burnout.

The study highlights some of the warning signs of burnout and suggests that people who tend to be perfectionists are more likely to veer into burnout due to their own ‘unrelenting standards’.

What is burnout?

With the worries accompanying pandemic lockdowns, the pressures of inflation and other life stressors, many people are feeling at the end of their tether.

For some people, the cumulative effect of these prolonged periods of stress can result in burnout.

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