Update on my cancer situation …

I last wrote about my cancer situation on November 18 in Booking my biopsy That was the last you heard about my experience with lung cancer. Sorry if I have kept you in the dark, but the fact is that I am also in the dark. I had the biopsy on November 28, but that seemed to only confirm that I, indeed, have cancer. They were able to give me no further details on my condition. Instead, I now have an appointment with an oncologist on December 20.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

The one positive occurrence seems to be that I am booked for two scans, brain and body, to determine the extent of the cancer. So, it seems that they will finally be able to ascertain the extent of my lung cancer. My scans are booked for Monday, December 12.

Now you know everything I do about my cancerous condition. Sadly, not very much and not very positive.

I asked the surgeon who did the biopsy if the fact that I have been living an active, healthy life with a lot of physical exercise worked for me in this situation. She said that my healthy condition would make it possible for them to attack the cancer more aggressively.

That is the extent of what I know as of right now – more than a month after first learning that I was likely carrying a cancerous mass in my left lung.

As they used to say on the radio when I was a kid … stay tuned.



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21 responses to “Update on my cancer situation …

  1. Penny

    Dear Tony, Thank-you for the update. One thing I know about cancer is that anything is possible. My husband has beaten it twice in the last couple of years! I will continue to pray for your good health. Thank goodness you’ve led such a healthy lifestyle!
    As always your posts are very much appreciated.
    Kinda regards,

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  2. Roger Crowson

    Tony, hang tough, I am praying for you. Even though I only read your posts ( have been for several years now) you are like a good friend. Keep going, you are an inspiration to many many of us who follow your life’s journey toward better health for all guys and gals.
    Gurley, Alabama

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  3. Myra Fisher Burton

    Thoughts and prayers, Tony!

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  4. Toni, I read your post every day. And you are definitely a good friend. I’ve been thinking of you and I will continue to say prayers. The whole process of getting diagnosed and making a treatment plan always seems to be so protracted. Please keep us posted. You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers!

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  5. Stay strong Tony. Sending positive vibes and love. HUGS!

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  6. Sandra

    Thank you so much for the update! May God hold you in the Palm of His Hands and take away the disease! God Bless You! Prayers Always.

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  7. Raj Chaudhary

    I know it’s not cool, but keep living more better. Make everyday better than yesterday!!
    Keep writing, good luck.

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  8. Oh, my goodness, I’m so sorry Tony. Thoughts and prayers that the road ahead isn’t too tough. I have no doubt that your healthy lifestyle makes a difference, so keep it up. Miracles do happen! 🙏

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  9. Ah man that’s shit, sorry to hear that. 😐 Good luck with your scans later in the month and keep us all posted! We’re all thinking of you! – Klem.

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  10. Justin Mayberry

    The scans and waiting for results is the scariest part. I’ve had my fair share of them while battling cancer over the past 4 years. A positive attitude and living as if you just got a second chance in life, is a great way to get ahead in the battle. Best of luck and healing to you. The road can be terrifying, but you never have to go it alone.

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