Booking my biospy …

Last week I wrote about the unpleasant news that after a chest X Ray and a CT Scan, I likely have some form of lung cancer. If you want details, you can read that post here.

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It has now been a week of dark shadowy uncertainty. When we got my CT Scan results, my doctor told me that they would call me to book a biopsy of my tumor. I waited for the call. The weekend came … and went. No call the following week. I finally sent a message on MyChart to my doctor that I hadn’t heard anything and was I supposed to have done something to get the biopsy scheduled. I received a message back with the phone number for the Radiational Intervention Department. Progress!

I phoned immediately and, of course, got a machine to answer. I recited my name and medical data along with my phone number with the message that I was calling to schedule a biopsy and they had my CT Scan. The machine assured me that my call was important and that someone would get back to me. The machine lied.

The next day, I phoned the department again and caught the same recorded message. I repeated my information. There was no call back.

At this point I was approaching seven days since my CT Scan with no ‘closure’ as far as finding out that nature of my likely cancerous affliction. I phoned my doctor and left a message that I had tried twice calling Radiational Intervention with no response.

Two hours later, Radiational Intervention called me. The nearest date for a biopsy is November 28. I booked it. They explained that I needed to get a COVID test with 72 hours of my procedure. So I booked that, too. I will be there at 1:00 p.m. for the procedure. They said that it would take about an hour to get into it and then I needed to stay there under observation for an additional two hours.

So, I may know on Tuesday, November 29, the condition of the likely cancerous mass on my left lung. Stay tuned ….



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18 responses to “Booking my biospy …

  1. Suzanna

    I wish you well in your contemplative times. I know many come through well again, so I can only hope you continue to be an heroic SuperAger! Blessings from another.. en route to Homeland!

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  2. Myra Fisher Burton

    Tony – thoughts and prayers!

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  3. Toni, I’m thinking of you and saying prayers. It shouldn’t have taken so long and been so complicated to get it scheduled. So many of my friends have had the same run around after their initial cancer diagnosis. I think diagnostic oncology departments should have someone employed as a special envoy. Someone Who once a diagnosis is made on a person that special envoy expedites things and walks the person through the process. It could be a social worker, it could be a medical assistant. But it just seems to me that the moment that diagnosis of cancer is made, A person should have an ally who helps expedite the entire process of scheduling and diagnostics and planning.

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  4. The Menopausal Runner

    I’m praying for you Tony…❤️

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  5. Following your tale with interest and, of course, wishing that it all turns out to be alright.

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  6. Tony, you are a great role model for being proactive in one’s own healthcare! Thanks for all your posts and information! They’re the first emails I look forward to reading! Thanks again for sharing your daily health posts!

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  7. Sandra

    My Prayers are with you, God is Good

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  8. Staying tuned for sure. Best of luck, Tony.

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  9. Here’s to another adventure in super-aging! Now that your appointment has been booked I’ll be awaiting the results like many of your regular readers, Tony. Hope you soon find yourself on the path of rapid, complete healing.

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