Increasing addiction and intensity of e-cigarette use by US adolescents – Study

I am opposed to smoking – period. However, I understand that there are some people under the impression that smoking e-cigarettes is safer than tobacco cigarettes.

The recently released 2022 National Youth Tobacco Survey data show that 2.55 million adolescents use e-cigarettes and 27.6% of adolescents use e-cigarettes daily.

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A new analysis published in JAMA Network Open by investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in collaboration with a retired UCSF professor reveals ongoing and worsening adolescent e-cigarette addiction in the United States.

In the analysis of data from the annual National Youth Tobacco Survey, a nationally-representative survey of middle and high school students in grades 6–12, researchers found that e-cigarette prevalence among youth peaked in 2019 then declined, but e-cigarette initiation age dropped between 2014 and 2021,and intensity of use and addiction increased after the introduction of protonated nicotine products.

Protonated nicotine is created by adding acid to the e-cigarette liquid, which makes the nicotine easier to inhale. Since Juul pioneered protonated nicotine, it has been widely adopted by other e-cigarette companies.


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2 responses to “Increasing addiction and intensity of e-cigarette use by US adolescents – Study

  1. Thank you, Tony. I wish my adult daughter would stop smoking. Myother smoked for years and was able to stop after she had been in a hospital for two weeks (she was crossing the street and was hit by a car). She said she had no urge to smoke any more and quit. Good news for us all.


  2. Rob Herrmann

    Thanks for sharing.
    Juul, with others to follow, marketed these products to our youth. They can argue about the how and why the product was developed, the cessation of smoking. I have no way of getting into anyone’s head.
    But the advertising campaigns that took cues from tobacco in the 70s is undeniable.

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