Sports like soccer, basketball better for young athletes’ bone health than running alone

Young athletes who participate in multidirectional sports, instead of specializing in a unidirectional sport like running, can build stronger bones that may be at less risk for bone injuries as adults, according to a new study from Indiana University researchers.

Published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, the study examined Division I and II female cross country runners, who often experience bone stress injuries like stress fractures. The researchers found that athletes who ran and participated in sports that require movement in many directions – such as basketball or soccer – when younger had better bone structure and strength than those who solely ran, swam or cycled.


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4 responses to “Sports like soccer, basketball better for young athletes’ bone health than running alone

  1. Thank you, Tony! I’m glad my son and daughter played youth soccer as kids. My son had to stop soccer later because of shin pain but ice hockey was a love of his snd he enjoyef playing that. When the game started to involve body checking he gave that up, too. As an adult, he and his wife go running, hiking and swimming. I’m grateful he has pursued a healthy lifestyle.
    I walk, garden when possible, and chase after my 5–year-old granddaughter for exercise and fun!

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  2. Multidirectional vs uni-directional sports.
    Keeping fit is hard the goals keep on changing

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