What about mixing intermittent fasting and exercise?

Fans of intermittent fasting say consuming fewers calories by skipping meals helps lose weight and leads to other health benefits. 

But what happens to your body when you add exercise to the mix? 

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“Finding ways to lose weight that are as simple as skipping a meal is very difficult because many people find it hard to manage their hunger while being in a caloric deficit,” Eric Williamson and Matthew Lees of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, say. “But, if they find that their hunger is well managed with intermittent fasting and they plan to exercise at the same time, then it can be an effective tool for losing fat.”

Here is what Lees and Willamson had to say about the benefits of complementing intermittent fasting with exercise. 


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5 responses to “What about mixing intermittent fasting and exercise?

  1. Where is the link to the study? I’d like to read it. I practice a form of intermittent fasting, not to lose weight, just because it works for my lifestyle. And I think it does help my blood sugar which was running a little bit high. I usually eat within a six hour window.

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  2. If in doubt, I eat a banana for nutrition and energy and some walnuts🙂

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  3. I often eat breakfast and lunch, and skip dinner- or have only veggies for dinner or snack if I’m hungry- weight loss and calorie control is much easier by just skipping dinner! And for some reason I sleep more soundly…


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