Deaths from alcohol use disorder surged during pandemic – Study

Deaths involving alcohol use disorder increased dramatically during the pandemic, according to a new study by Cedars-Sinai investigators. The study also found that young adults 25 to 44 years old experienced the steepest upward trend in alcohol use disorder mortality.

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In the study, published this month in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA Network Open, investigators used predictive modeling to compare expected—also called projected—alcohol use disorder mortality rates to actual rates. They found that alcohol use disorder-related mortality rates increased among all ages and sexes during the pandemic.


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6 responses to “Deaths from alcohol use disorder surged during pandemic – Study

  1. Thanks for your post today. I started taking antidepressants at least 20 years ago and stopped drinking beer and wine because of the warning on the label. I don’t miss drinking at all (or the awful hangover headaches the day after overindulging.). I have tried alcohol free beer. I don’t know if there is alcohol free wine ( cooking with wine seems to burn off the alcohol). I am happy drinking water as my beverage of choice. It’s boring but refreshing and hydrating 🙂

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    • I drink the occasional beer, mostly with pizza for dinner. Other alcohol holds no interest for me. Coffee is a great beverage and has health benefits. I drink decaf.


  2. The significant drop in life expectancy in the US coincided with the spread of COVID. The drop is quite concerning.


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