Boots – The adventure begins …

As regular readers know, I lost Gabi, my little canine companion of the past 16 years, at the end of March. While I have by no means fully recovered from the grief of her loss. I do feel well enough to have adopted a new dog.

Meet Boots, a three-year-old mix breed with a lovely brindle coat. Boots comes from the PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) no-kill pet rescue in Chicago. He weighs 18 pounds, about double Gabi’s final weight.

Driving Boots home from the shelter was the first step in our adventure together. He was nervous in my car. Or course, I have no idea how much experience he has had in cars and he had clearly never ridden in mine, so I understood his nervousness. For the record, I drive a MINI Cooper hardtop, stick shift. That is relevant as Boots in his agitation, was walking back and forth across my lap as I drove us the four miles home. I love driving stick and it was even more exciting with the dog getting between me and the shift lever on our first ride together. Needless to say, we made it.


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15 responses to “Boots – The adventure begins …

  1. I am so glad you have adopted I new dog! I know you are still dealing with grief over your loss, but it’s wonderful that you have been able to get Boots. He sounds like a total joy! And a real challenge. 😁 I know with my previous rescue, the final nighttime walk got a lot more efficient and quick once she knew that a delicious chewy treat followed that last pee of the evening. And my present dog, Eli, follows the same routine. He knows as soon as he has squatted down to pee, he gets to return to the house and enjoy his Greenie.

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  2. Well done! Delighted to hear the news and a warm, loving welcome to Boots from Oregon. For sure he will settle down into a more regular routine and one that suits you better. A training class is always a good idea. Give Boots a hug from Jean and me.

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    • Thanks very much, Paul. Much appreciated. This situation is a great example of the saying ‘one day at a time,’ to which I subscribe wholeheartedly.


  3. Your story gives me HOPE Tony! And also reminds us that we can be in two emotions simultaneously. I bet Gabi is cheering Boots on from the other side 💕

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    • Thanks, Andrea! I am definitely in a hopeful emotional place. LOL Must confess, though, that I can still cry at the drop of a hat, since Gabi crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


  4. I am so happy for you guys!

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  5. What a lucky dog! Sending best wishes to both you and Boots.


  6. The Menopausal Runner

    I’m so happy for you Tony!! Congratulations!!! Boots is a little cutie!!!! 😍❤️

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