Don’t go bananas – but maybe eat one – AHA

On the screen, bananas are a menace. Just ask Charlie Chaplin, Bugs Bunny or anyone who’s played Mario Kart.

In your diet, though, bananas can be a boon. Experts have a bunch of reasons to like them and see only a few ways the elongated yellow fruit could cause your health to slip.

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“They’re rich in nutrients and fiber,” said Colleen Spees, associate professor of medical dietetics at Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus. “They’re delicious. They’re inexpensive. They’re all the right things.”


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4 responses to “Don’t go bananas – but maybe eat one – AHA

  1. They also come in the perfect wrapper for a cyclist!

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  2. Hi, Tony!
    Bananas are my main go-to for snacks. They seem to always be a healthy way to get quick energy and satisfy hunger.
    In a high school chemistry class I was in, we used a banana to test for nutrients and other features. It was a good subject to experiment on😊

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