Happy Pi Day

Health Secrets of a SuperAger

Thought I would join in the Pi Day fun with this info-graphic. Since this is a special day seems a shame not to cerebrate.

I hope you enjoy a Byte or two.



If you insist on getting serious about it, check out Steven Strogatz’s Why Pi Matters in this back issue of TheNew Yorker. Here is just a snippet- “So it’s fair to ask: Why do mathematicians care so much about pi? Is it some kind of weird circle fixation? Hardly. The beauty of pi, in part, is that it puts infinity within reach. Even young children get this. The digits of pi never end and never show a pattern. They go on forever, seemingly at random—except that they can’t possibly be random, because they embody the order inherent in a perfect circle. This tension between order and randomness is one of the most tantalizing aspects of pi….”

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7 responses to “Happy Pi Day

  1. She might be irrational but he is a dyed in the wool square. The counsellor seems to be sowing division in the relationship.

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  2. I wonder about the Pi’d piper, what they’re up to. They probably travel in a circuitous route. And just what is 3.1 for? I stopped eating circular desserts because of the unhealthy processed base, and it’s made me quite crusty. I had to say bye, bye, (I miss you) American pie.

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