How Music Affects Memory in Those with Dementia

Most people aren’t connected to music the way Tony Bennett is, but virtually everyone has songs they love. And music can reengage a person with dementia.

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“When my father was in hospice in the last weeks of his life, he had been unable to speak for a while and wasn’t responding to us,” says Daniel Potts, MD, FAAN, a neurologist at VA Tuscaloosa Health Care and author of A Pocket Guide for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver. “We’re a singing family, so we called everybody who used to sing with us. Most of them came, and we just sat around his bedside and sang…and he sang with us. We’ll never forget that.”


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15 responses to “How Music Affects Memory in Those with Dementia

  1. I was born to very musical parents and all my life, while I do not play an instrument, I do have a strong sense of rhythm and find it impossible not to share in the beat.

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  2. Thank you, Tony. I think I will get that one as I have Amazon Prime plus I always bike with my iPhone on me for safety reasons.

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  3. And it has now been delivered. But how on earth do I connect it. I have my Bluetooth turned on on my iPhone but just can’t fathom the Quick Start Guide for the JBL? Help!


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