UToledo Study Strengthens Case That Vitamins Cannot Treat COVID-19

A new review of COVID-19 hospitalization data by researchers at The University of Toledo has found that taking immune-boosting supplements such as vitamin C , vitamin D and zinc do not lessen your chance of dying from COVID-19.

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Early in the pandemic, healthcare providers tried a variety of micronutrients as potential therapies for the new illness. More recently, supplements have been promoted by some as an alternative to the safe and proven vaccines.

However, Dr. Azizullah Beran said there’s been little evidence those strategies work, despite the enduring interest in them.


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4 responses to “UToledo Study Strengthens Case That Vitamins Cannot Treat COVID-19

  1. Interesting. I’m taking a small dose of C, D and Zink, and calcium. I also eat a lot of fruit and grapefruit. I’m taking it in hopes of not getting COVID. Who knows. I have been staying healthy though! Only one cold in two years, due to stress right before a big vacation. It went away fast though. Oh, and walking 4 to 5 miles each day. Hey, it can’t hurt 🙂

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  2. Also, if one were to load up on zinc and take, say, hydroxychloroquine at a first positive test, only 10% of those who did would have died. That was poo-pooed so Pfizer could have it’s pill that does the same thing. We have a doc in Detroit who still has yet to lose one patient using that regimen.

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