Mental game – Don’t make yourself feel old

By HealthDay News

People who believe their bodies and minds will break down with age may be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, a recent study suggests.

Researchers found that older adults with a dim outlook on aging tended to report more physical health symptoms on days when they were stressed out than on less stressful days.

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In contrast, people with more of a “golden years” perspective seemed to have some protection against daily stress: They actually reported fewer health problems on days where they felt more stressed than usual.

“We’ve known that there’s a strong relationship between perceived stress and physical health,” said lead researcher Dakota Witzel, a doctoral candidate at Oregon State University’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences, in Corvallis.

Numerous studies have found that when people habitually feel stressed-out they may eat poorly, skip exercise and have long-term consequences like high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart disease.

But the new findings, Witzel said, suggest that a brighter outlook on aging can be a buffer against the physical effects of daily stress.


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4 responses to “Mental game – Don’t make yourself feel old

  1. Very true. I totally agree with your views. We are what we feel and do, it hardly matters what your age is. Even young people are poor performers in every field of life if they are not successfully coping up with their life. Old age is nothing but a phase of life. We have so many examples where despite number of age people are doing very well because of their positive mindset and good health. Thanks for sharing this.😀😊

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  2. It’s harder to keep up your spirits with covid hovering, though… but getting outside every day helps 🙂

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