Let there be light …

On December 21, sunrise occurred at 7:15 AM and sunset at 4:22 PM . On Christmas morning sunrise was at 7:16 AM and sunset at 4:25 PM. For a total of FOUR MORE MINUTES of daylight! Keep in mind that the daylight increases AT BOTH ENDS. For example, on Dec 31 the sun rose at 7:18 AM for an increase of three minutes. It set at 4:29 PM VS 4:22 PM on the 21st for a total gain of seven minutes. FOR THE DAY – the sun was out a total of 10 minutes.

On January 1, sunrise occurred at 7 :18 AM and sunset at 4:29 PM. By January 31, sunrise has slipped down to 7:05 AM and sunset has stretched out to 5:04 PM. The sun rises 13 minutes earlier and sets 35 minutes later than at year end. That is an increase of 48 minutes of daylight in the first month of the year.

It just keeps getting better. In February, we add a further 67 minutes of sunlight to our day. So, at the end of February, we have added 115 minutes of light, nearly two hours since January first.

The month of March sees, a further 99 minutes of daylight added. That makes a total of 214 minutes – three and more than a half hours of additional light per day total in the first three months of the year.

I don’t know if this kind of info has an interest for you, but for me, a guy who likes to be outdoors, it is music to my ears – and eyes. I hope you have a great bright day.


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