Diet Swaps for Lowering Your Blood Pressure – Tufts

If you have high blood pressure (or would like to avoid it) you probably already know you should be limiting your intake of foods high in the mineral sodium. But did you also know you should be increasing your intake of foods containing other minerals? Potassium, magnesium, and calcium play important roles in blood pressure control. Increasing intake of foods rich in these minerals while decreasing intake of foods high in sodium may help keep your blood pressure under control.

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Sodium: High sodium intake increases water retention throughout the body.  Excess water in the circulatory system increases blood volume and therefore pressure on the arterial walls (blood pressure). Observational studies consistently demonstrate that dietary patterns higher sodium are associated with higher blood pressure and stroke risk. More importantly, many randomized controlled trials have shown that reducing salt intake decreases blood pressure. Most people consume too much sodium, typically as salt.


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7 responses to “Diet Swaps for Lowering Your Blood Pressure – Tufts

  1. Tony, I have raised BP, typically 140 over 90, but we are vegan and do not have added salt. But our dogs wake us pretty early, often around 0300, and I have researched circadian rhythms and that could be a cause of raised BP. Plus old age means the arteries are less flexible.
    But you do not say what are the food sources for the beneficial supplements.

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    • I agree with you about the circadian rhythms. They are very important to our good functioning. Will have to see what I can find out about good vegan food sources. What does your medical practicioner say about your raised BP?


      • We have very good food here and Jean has no trouble if finding it. Plenty of food shops in Grants Pass sell vegan food; it is a fast-growing sector.
        I have been to my G.P. and she is seeing me again on the 28th with recommendations for a change in my medication. She did point out that a raised BP had nothing to do with overall fitness; I am pretty fit for my age.

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      • Fair enough. Very glad to hear that you have professional medical advice on this. It is definitely above my pay grade.


      • Just an update. I took my BP at 06:06 and it was 144 over 92. So definitely high. But I have a pulse of 56! My GP took me off my BP meds for 14 days and I have now had a full blood test at InterPath. Then on the 28th Dr. Mount is going to check our home BP cuff for accuracy, look at InterPath’s report, and then put me back on different meds

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      • Thanks for the update, Paul. That’s a good example of staying on top of a situation. We really have to use everything we have at our disposal to stay healthy.


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