National Dog Day

I just learned that today is National Dog Day. So, herewith my offerings for the celebration:

My Dog Gabi

As a puppy with my daughter Kate
Most recently riding with her friend Myble in her buggy.

If you would like to learn how I happened to adopt Gabi, check out my post Anatomy of an Act of Kindness.



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5 responses to “National Dog Day

  1. Happy doggy day Gabi 🐶💕

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  2. I didn’t realise that today was National Dog Day. Anyway, happy doggy day to Gabi and all dogs

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  3. Bertha Arnold

    I love your articles! This one hits hard, since Valkyrie has been gone there is a hole in my heart. However, I am so happy to see Gabi out and about enjoying her senior years!

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