Some yoga stretches for biking …

I find the second stretch to be very satisfying and also slightly more difficult. I don’t have the balance to do it as in the photo. I always put one hand against a wall to steady myself. Reach back with your right hand and lift your foot bending at the knee. Grasp your foot as close to the toe as possible as this elongates the muscle more. Now, again, stand at a right angle to the ground, don’t lean. Holding the wall, pull up gently with your hand till you feel a good stretch. It shouldn’t hurt, but you should feel a pleasant pull. With your body straight do the same diaphragmatic breathing as before with five counts on the inhalation through the nose and then five counts on the exhalation through the mouth. Do this four or five times and then release the foot and let it gradually lower to the ground. Don’t drop it. Repeat with the other foot.

After I do these, I can feel the energy surging in my legs again and find new impetus to ride.
Obviously, you can use these if you are a runner, too.

If you run, or ride a bike and have any favorite stretches that work well for you, please feel free to share them here.
Eat less; move more; live longer.


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  1. Tony, I put this to one side knowing that when I had a moment I would want to comment. I do anything from 12 to 25 miles every other morning (clear air being available). I tend to do it in one ride. Do you recommend me stopping, say after ten miles, to do this stretching?

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