Some yoga stretches for biking …

I realize that we are well into biking season, so I must apologize for not getting this post out at least a month ago. On the other hand, better late than never. So, here it is.

As a senior citizen riding the bike every day can sometimes stiffen up my leg muscles. I have found two wonderful stretches that do a super job of rejuvenating my legs on long rides. I usually do them after about ten miles so the muscles are warmed up. Every time I do them, I can always feel the energy flow back into my legs when I finish.
I have pictures of each stretch, but I want to explain how I do them as that makes the difference. I did yoga for years and when I stretch, I always do diaphragmatic breathing which sends lots of oxygen-rich cells down to the aching muscles.

One note about stretching: Don’t do it before you start your ride. Get some pedaling in first, this loosens up your muscles and gets your system lubricated.

For the first bent-knee, extended leg stretch, please do it as follows. The picture in this case isn’t perfect. Try to create a straight line from the bottom of your stretched out leg to the top of your head. Don’t bend your body and lay your head down as the cyclist in the photo is doing. With your bent leg, make sure that the knee is perpendicular to the ground. That way you have all straight lines and right angles. Once you are in the stretch breathe in through the nose for a count to five, hold it, then release it through your mouth for a count of five. Do this four or five times and then release the position gently. Assume the same position only with the legs reversed. If the right leg was stretched, now it will be the bent one. Repeat the breathing.


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  1. Tony, I put this to one side knowing that when I had a moment I would want to comment. I do anything from 12 to 25 miles every other morning (clear air being available). I tend to do it in one ride. Do you recommend me stopping, say after ten miles, to do this stretching?

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