The ravages of age …

As a sports fan, I have often heard the announcer say of a great athlete, “He can beat anyone but Father Time.” So, it seems with the rest of us non-great-athletes, too.

Who better to talk about the ravages of age than a guy who turns 82 in January?

Here is my perspective: Some 15 years ago I adopted my daughter’s puppy. It had been behaving wildly at her house and I feared that its life with my daughter was going to be cut short. You can read the entire story of my adoption of Gabi in this post I wrote in 2012 – Anatomy of an act of kindness .

This is Gabi as a pup in 2006.

So, puppy Gabi is now senior citizen Gabi. At 15 plus years, she qualifies. I know that the “rule of thumb” is one dog year = seven human ones. That would put Gabi at 105 years old, likely circling the drain. Thankfully, a vet explained to me that for a dog Gabi’s size – 11 pounds – the first year is 17 years and each year after that (14 years) is four. So, at 15, Gabi is closer to 77 years old. Just four short of my 81.

Here she is on 2021 July 4.

Up until the last few years, Gabi weighed just over 12 pounds at her annual physical. Now, however, she is down to a little under 11 pounds. The vet explained that as a senior, she is experiencing sarcopenia – shrinkage of the muscles due to lack of use.


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8 responses to “The ravages of age …

  1. Tony, what a fabulous account of your life with dear Gabi. Would you allow me to republish it in full? If granted it will probably be posted for next Monday.

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  2. Marc Crespi

    Great post, Tony. I’m sure you have both helped each other stay physically and mentally younger than you would each be individually. I remember when you adopted Gabi. But I think she actually picked you!

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  3. Raj Chaudhary

    As per your description about Gabi’s conditions, I feel she has developed some neurological issues. I think Gabi is toy poodle mix breed.
    My best wishes for Gabi.

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  4. Reblogged this on Health Secrets of a SuperAger and commented:

    My dog, Gabi, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. One of the lights in my life has been extinguished. I wrote the following six months ago about her aging. She turned 16 on December 12, 2021.


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