Happy Father’s Day

Since I am over 80 years old, I no longer have a living parent. I hope that those of you who do celebrate Father’s Day inordinately with your father.



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10 responses to “Happy Father’s Day

  1. My mother had an 82 year old friend who would visit her mother regularly – still alive.

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  2. My mother found out because her friend would talk about her mother in the present. So she asked her one day with the comment, you talk about your mother in the present. That’s when she found out her friend’s mother was still living.


  3. Here’s to a Happy Father’s day from one old father to another!

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  4. Wayne Blankenbiller

    Me t00


  5. Wayne Blankenbiller

    i have 6 kids and a 10 grandchildren

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  6. Wayne Blankenbiller

    I have 8 grand children

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