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I concede that this is slightly off topic, but I hoped it might interest you. I know it would interest me if I were to stumble across these ideas in my wanderings.

Before you start looking down your nose at this dichotomy, hear me out. More accurately, read on.

I love lobster bisque. Costco sells it and I recently run out. At Costco this morning, I asked at the desk for it, as I was unable to locate it on a shelf. The attendant told me that there was none and it was not coming back for a while as it was ‘a seasonal item.’ News to me. I like it year ’round, but, never mind.

I went home and checked out the web for a suitable substitute. I used to automatically go to Amazon and order from there, but I have found that sometimes when my item arrives, it is NOT from Amazon, but Walmart. Seems that some enterprising folks place ads on Amazon at marked up prices, then fulfill subsequent orders from Walmart. They pocket the difference.

So, when I found a suitable Lobster Bisque today on Amazon , I immediately went to the site to comparison shop.

What I found are below:

This is a screen grab of the listing on Amazon.
This is the listing at

Guess which one I ordered.

I just wanted to pass that along to you because in a matter of a few seconds you can save yourself money. Ordering from Walmart is just as fluid as Amazon and delivery equally quick.

I would love to hear from you if you have any kind of similar shopping experiences.



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  1. Thanks for the tip!

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  2. For the few minutes that it takes to compare prices, why not do it. At one time I assumed that Canadian Tire is known for low prices. Was surprised when I checked into Home Hardware (Equally Canadian on the face of it) and found them to be 30% cheaper on electrical hardware I was looking for at the time. And I got better service at Home Hardware to boot.

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