Feeding the Brain

Having had three family members suffer from dementia in general or Alzheimer’s Disease in particular, I am particularly interested in facts like these that affect cognition and keeping my brain healthy.

Our Better Health

Our body’s control centre needs a healthy diet

“You can’t wink your eye without nutrients being involved, never mind think, remember, learn, or sleep.” So says brain expert Aileen Burford-Mason, author of The Healthy Brain: Optimize Brain Power at Any Age. Find out more about how to feed your body’s command and control centre.

When people embark on the path to healthy eating, they’re often motivated by a desire to lose weight or to help fend off disease. It’s less common for people to embrace a wholesome diet to boost the well-being of their brain.

This is something that puzzles Toronto-based biochemist, immunologist, and cell biologist Aileen Burford-Mason. An expert in orthomolecular nutrition, she says the brain requires proper nutrition to function optimally. In fact, as the most metabolically active organ of the body, the brain uses nutrients at 10 times the rate of any other tissue or organ…

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2 responses to “Feeding the Brain

  1. Ah, keeping one’s brain healthy! Now there is a topic of interest. What is normal ageing and what is worse than normal. I don’t have the answer. But I do know that diet and exercise are critical to a healthy life at any age.

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