Stronger brain activity after writing on paper than on tablet or smartphone – Study

Isn’t it interesting to learn that the disruptor technologies that we have come to rely on aren’t always better than that which they replaced?

A study of Japanese university students and recent graduates has revealed that writing on physical paper can lead to more brain activity when remembering the information an hour later. Researchers say that the unique, complex, spatial and tactile information associated with writing by hand on physical paper is likely what leads to improved memory.

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“Actually, paper is more advanced and useful compared to electronic documents because paper contains more one-of-a-kind information for stronger memory recall,” said Professor Kuniyoshi L. Sakai, a neuroscientist at the University of Tokyo and corresponding author of the research recently published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. The research was completed with collaborators from the NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting.

Contrary to the popular belief that digital tools increase efficiency, volunteers who used paper completed the note-taking task about 25% faster than those who used digital tablets or smartphones.

Although volunteers wrote by hand both with pen and paper or stylus and digital tablet, researchers say paper notebooks contain more complex spatial information than digital paper. Physical paper allows for tangible permanence, irregular strokes, and uneven shape, like folded corners. In contrast, digital paper is uniform, has no fixed position when scrolling, and disappears when you close the app.

“Our take-home message is to use paper notebooks for information we need to learn or memorize,” said Sakai.


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4 responses to “Stronger brain activity after writing on paper than on tablet or smartphone – Study

  1. It means that surrounding yourself with organic elements and environment can help you live a better life!

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  2. Very interesting and, in a sense, counter to what one would have thought.

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  3. Popular belief that digital tools increase efficiency???? This belief is just a hoax marketed by tech companies. I am really surprised that they have to conduct a research to realize an “obvious” fact. Good post.

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