Eating for a Healthy Colon – Rush

Just as diet can have a positive or negative impact on heart, brain and bone health, your colon’s overall health can be affected by what you eat.

The colon is a crucial part of the digestive system, and many different conditions can cause it to work improperly. Some of these include inflammatory bowel diseases, such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s diseasediverticular diseaseirritable bowel syndrome; and colorectal cancer, according to Rush University Medical Center.

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Treatment for these conditions includes diet and lifestyle modifications, medications and/or surgery.

Colorectal cancer is one of the most serious colon diseases. Risk factors for colon cancer include age (risk increases over age 50); race (Blacks have the highest rates of colorectal cancer in the U.S.); family history; previous polyps; inflammatory bowel disease; smoking; physical inactivity; and heavy alcohol use.


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3 responses to “Eating for a Healthy Colon – Rush

  1. Dr Ash Diamond

    Foods are already divine but what is the good of having these food when we eat 90% fast food and sugary food which is biggest cause of many cancers as too much consumption of these foods can cause abnormal cell growth which leads towards cancer. The info about foods are super great.


  2. Dr Ash Diamond

    Not just foods but seeds and nuts are also effective against several kinds of cancers. In many Asian countries people cure their early cancer and permanently treat it naturally with just black cumin seed. They eat black cumin seed 2 tbsp 3 times a day but this tip work if the cancer is on very early stage otherwise, it just slow the progression but can’t treat it properly.

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