Simple, but not so easy …

Simple, but not so easy, at least for some of us …. The following infographic is from the National Institute on Aging. While it doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know, I think it is worthwhile to see these items enumerated to impress our minds – and bodies – what gives us the best chance of having a long and healthy life.


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6 responses to “Simple, but not so easy …

  1. I recently discovered roasted soybeans. I soak the raw beans for 8 hours. Dry to the touch. Then coat them lightly with oil. That helped the variety of spices stick to them. Roast them for 30 to 40 minutes, stirring them every 10 minutes.
    Makes a healthy snack that keeps me away from chips and other problematic snacks.


  2. The billion dollar nutrition and diet industries have failed most if us. Food scientists, corporate farming, marketing machines as well as pollution especially plastics have affected our genetics. More people are overweight than in famine worldwide. Access to healthy food is limited and for many it is tied to poverty. Much of the good tasting stuff is bad for you. Put simply, changing your taste buds is very hard. In Fat Chance by Robert Lusting and his other books he goes into how unlikely it is for people to overcome all of this. He’s against sugar and processed food but even his own cookbook includes both.

    Will power and diets don’t work long term for most people. Add on top of that outdated insurance charts and social media pressure to be thin. I don’t guess you follow my blog but I just wrote about how fat can sometimes be helpful in sports. Thin people can be unhealthy too. One can be fat and still very fit and still strive to do better while accepting oneself for who they are. Fat shaming and fatophobia are real and legal forms of discrimination but very harmful especially brie the young. There are no easy answers.

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