Weekend funnies

I hope you had a pleasant Valentine’s Day. I can’t believe we are now past the middle of February 2021 already.

I wanted to finish with this little trick of the eye. Do you see a dog running out of the woods or a man running in?



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9 responses to “Weekend funnies

  1. Good ones. I first saw a dog running out of the woods. What about you Tony?

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  2. I saw the man first. Then when you mentioned the dog I saw its face in the mans back, taking another 10 seconds to make out its body.

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  3. Myra F Burton

    Last one is way cool! Like James L – I saw the man first and then the dog – looks like a standard poodle!

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  4. Man first. I had to look a second time to see the dog, only after I read your comment on the image.

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