I have just entered my 81st year!

Last year on my birthday I wrote, Holy crap! I am an octogenarian! I can’t believe it. I don’t feel that old. In fact, having been retired for 20 years now, I can honestly say, I feel better and healthier now than I did when I was working and in my ’50’s. I rode my bike 20 miles yesterday in Chicago’s balmy 30 degree January weather and I plan to do the same this morning. Lucky me!

Here I am a year later with 12 months of a grueling pandemic behind me.

Thanks again to some of my Facebook friends for doctoring this B’day picture for me some years ago.

This is from my birthday blog post last year:

One of the main reasons I feel like I have things so together is this blog. I started writing it in March of 2010 with a partner who has since left for other pursuits. From the beginning, I discovered a focus. At first it was simply trying to keep my weight down. I learned portion control and serving size. This Italian guy was surprised to learn that a “serving” of pasta was not a 10 inch plate heaped with spaghetti noodles smothered in tomato sauce. No, a 200 calorie serving of pasta is about the size of a baseball. Incredibly, that was a revelation to me. I put the information to use. I began to reduce my portions accordingly. I am not going to recount all the lessons I learned in the past nearly 10 years, but if you want to get control of your own weight, check out my Page – How to Lose Weight – and Keep it Off.

My girlfriend shot this photo at the Horseshoe Casino steakhouse last night where we celebrated.

Because of the pandemic, I wasn’t able to get blood work done at my annual physical. The following documents my present health as of October 2019: My resting heart rate falls several beats under 50 beats per minute. My cholesterol level is 199. The HDL (Good cholesterol) is 77; LDL (Bad cholesterol) 111. I stand 5 feet 9-1/4 inches tall (vs 5 feet 11 inches 10 years ago. I weigh around 150 pounds and have a 32 inch waist. This is pretty much the same as when I was a senior in high school in 1957. I don’t take any drugs, prescribed or not. I do take some plant based pills to relieve the arthritis pain in my hands. For the record, my alcohol consumption is minimal – maybe three bottles of beer in a month. And, no, I don’t smoke.

This year, to celebrate, my girlfriend and I dined at the Horseshoe Casino Steak House on Saturday night. We couldn’t go on my birthday, because the venue isn’t open during the week. We were comped to a sumptuous meal much of which you can see below.

I enjoyed an order of king crab legs for dinner.
This was the Jackpot chocolate cake we shared for dessert.

My ‘go to’ exercise is still riding my bike. I average over 100 miles a week year ’round here in Chicago. Last year it totaled just under 6000 miles. Find some kind of movement that you enjoy, dancing, walking, etc., and do it regularly and you will be on your way to good health, too.

Because of the pandemic, I was not able to travel to Las Vegas every few months as I have for decades. Thankfully, the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN, just 17 miles from my home has reopened for business following the spring lock down. So, I am still able to enjoy the agony and ecstasy of video poker on a regular basis. If you are not familiar with video poker, you can click on that link for a rundown from a previous casino trip.

Here is just one example from last night’s casino visit:

I was dealt the Ace-Queen of diamonds and held them hoping to draw the Jack-King-ten, the remaining three cards to a Royal Flush. The chances of catching the only three cards in the deck that make up the Royal are one in 16,215. Needless, to say, I didn’t catch them and didn’t win the $5,000 plus jackpot that it would have paid. On the other hand, I did draw three other cards that were diamonds, so I was paid $25 for my trouble. While a bit hyperbolic, I hope this little example demonstrates, if not the agony and the ecstasy, at least some of the highs and lows of playing video poker. If the luck of the draw in this game interests you, check out my Pinterest board Video Poker Porn to see lots more hands like this.

Again from last year’s post: I wanted to share this information with you because so many people I run into who are in their late 50’s and 60’s appear to be giving up on their health and conditioning. They act like it’s over. The phrase ‘I’m gettin’ old’ bubbles out of their mouths frequently. A lot of the posts I write for this blog are meant to demonstrate that by focusing on your eating and making sure you get adequate exercise you can continue to enjoy yourself for many more years in reasonably healthy condition.



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25 responses to “I have just entered my 81st year!

  1. Great job and Happy Birthday Tony!

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  2. Happy birthday, Tony. So glad you’re doing well. I’m 78, driving 3 cars behind you, but you’re helping me stay between the lines. Your posts always inspire me. Thank you.

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  3. Myra F Burton

    Happy Birthday! I enjoy your emails so much! I especially love the Wonder Woman stories and photos!

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  4. Happy birthday, Tony. And many more miles to come.


  5. Happy birthday Tony! Here’s wishing you many more years of love, laughter, and good health!

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  6. Penny Skehan

    It looks like you had a great birthday celebration. Wishing you all the best!

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  7. Happy Birthday Tony! You are an inspiration, thank you!! 🎂🎉🎈

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  8. Happy birthday. May you have many more cycling years ahead of you. I think cycling is a great way to get exercise. Easier on the joints than running. I biked across the continent in 2017, logged 12,000 km (7500 miles) that year. It’s use it or lose it when it comes to exercise.

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  9. Happy Birthday, Tony! I just love what you write although rarely submit a comment. But that doesn’t mean anything! I am just 4 years behind you and, like you, enjoy bike riding immensely. (Although heavy snow at the moment has put a stop to getting on the bike.) Take care, Paul

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  10. Happy birthday Tony – you are a health and fitness inspiration!

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  11. Oh, you’re such a great inspiration! Happy birthday, Tony. So glad you’re doing great.

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  12. I’m 40, granted much younger, but I still feel like I’m 20. You’re as old as you feel!


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